Reusable RG within RG

Hi Everyone,

I am need some complex help! I am on developing a mobile focused app idea. Now, I know it is not optimal but I would like to see if it can be done.

The home screen’s end result will be this

My Current Approach to achieving this functionality does not enable me, from mobile to see but two of the business results (see here:

This is currently achieved by having the RG of Business “Categories” (Nearby & Favorites) with the Business Listings in a Horizontal repeating group. Again my issue is having it be responsive on mobile. The closest I have come to solving this issue was when I was using a Reusable Element containing both RG for the categories and listings.

The issue with that approach was that I was not able to send current data from the RG Menues to the Reusable element of business listings.

I guess my real issue here is figuring out how to communicate that data. I have read, watched and tried to use custom events but it’s not a straight forward path to communicating an element’s state.

I have read of a potential workaround adding a hidden “input field” to the patch and to have the action communicate that info, however the input field only “changes its value” when a user unfocuses from the input. Which I have found to be true.

does anyone of any potential suggestions I can try out? Thank you!