Reveal one word of a paragraph every 5 seconds

Basically, I want the user to be able to make a post - “Hello, cats rock and I like burgers” for example.

How would I go about making it so that at first, only “Hello” is shown on their post, then 5 seconds later, “cats” is shown, then 5 seconds later, “rock” is shown, etc.?

  1. Currently I have set up Blockspring to separate their post into separate words (split text by " ")
  2. This comes back as a list, where I count the values to get the wordcount
  3. revealCompleteTime is (wordcount * 5 seconds) + current date/time

Basically, every five seconds from the post date, it should move one more position in that word list. I think there must be some formula to be able to tell at what time each position corresponds to?

I can’t help you, but my ‘first idea’ on that will be using REGEX, conditional and Do Every X seconds. First, one word, and so on. Have no clue if feasible. My 0.5 cent :smile:

Can regex select x number of instances at a time?

More I think about it and more complicated is… :wink:
You have to extract each word, save to a unique place with a sort field, and than, call each one incremental +1.
Still thinking about it. I’m sure someone else have better solution…


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Assuming as you say that you already have you parapgraph’s words as a list of texts, you could do something like what I’ve done here:

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