Reverting back Bubble Version

How do I revert back to the bubble version (feb 2022)?

A few weeks ago, one of my colleagues updated the version of bubble, 'cus a message keeps popping up saying something like I do not have the latest version of bubble and need to update.

I was not notified about it, then when I check it again, everything is broken in terms of layout and responsiveness.

Is there a way for me to revert it back to the working version before I updated the bubble?

If your bubble app is live or is on a paid plan, I think you could revert the version to a certain date using this option here:


However, I think you could also use this opportunity to learn the new responsive engine. At first, it might be quite intimidating due to the learning curve but I guarantee you, it’s worth it. Everything will be easier if you just learn it.

Thank you for your reply, I already did this and unfortunately, this is not the answer I was looking for.

Unfortunately, I do not have time to study the new responsive engine. I just want to revert back to the bubble version before it was updated, not the version of my website itself.

To give you a clear picture, this is what I want to revert back

We bought the template and I am not sure how will I implement the new responsive engine on all of those pages.