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Bubble has ruined my app and customer experience

Bubble you have successfully ruined my entire app until I spend hours learning the new responsive design. I am unable to switch back to the old design engine, and the new one is absolutely awful and unintuitive. I can’t restore my pages to backups without losing all the work I’ve done.

I have no idea why you don’t allow people to just toggle back to the old design engine. Went from being a huge bubble fan to hating it.


While I can understand your frustrations I don’t understand why you didn’t make a copy of your page before switching to the new responsive engine. Bubble provides warnings before switching to make sure you create a copy of the page first.

I just don’t understand why this is bubble’s issue.

In reference to switching back, you can roll back your app to a date and time before you made the switch.


I did make a copy. Then I added a bunch of complicated workflows and conditional formatting that I would lose if I revert to the copied page. Hours of work that I’d have to revert. I could copy/paste them over but it would still take hours to fix any inconsistencies. Just enable people to toggle back to the old design engine. I don’t get it.

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Yahh we’ve experienced this.
Fortunately we have upgraded only one page to this new responsive engine. But that one particular page is most important page in our app. We have to work on the older copy for like 2 complete days to make all the updates that we’ve done in this new responsive engine page.

A toggle would be cool

I think the question here is why you’ve gone ahead and built new functionality in the converted copy without first getting your head around the new engine.

I’m yet to jump back into Bubble after the refresh but I’m itching to get other projects done so I can update old experiments for future release.
But I know from the get go, I will:

  1. Make a copy of my app
  2. Convert a page or the app (I’m yet to see whether this conversion happens site wide or page by page)
  3. Play around until I understand how my page is working
  4. Decide whether I want to go ahead and convert the rest of the app (if conversion is manually completed page by page), play around some more or continue with the old engine

In that process, you shouldn’t really be building on top of something if you don’t understand how the platform is working.

And I don’t think it would be as simple as switching back and forth. The methodologies and working of the two responsive engines would be completely different, hence the need for the system to prompt (and warn) you to convert your work.

Looking at the tutorials I’ve watched, my view is the engine looks to now be way less of a guessing game and gives us a modern way to adapt our layouts for all screen sizes.

If you’re having issues with the engine, I would guess there is a lack of complete understanding which only comes with time and practice.


It’s a beta. Why anyone would start transitioning their app in production is lost on me. Testing it with some simple pages here and there and exploring it with new test apps is one thing. I think, in time, you’ll realize this was just a strategic flop on your end. Not trying to hate, but you need to take responsibility in this scenario.


I am all in favor of the new engine. Been watching many tutorials and need to find time to experiment building UIs with it!

Meanwhile, all the work that I have the privilege of doing is concentrated on the current engine.


  • It’s a beta
  • It is drastically different though more powerful

So far, I see the Bubble learning experience for newcomers just stepped up considerably.

Hope I am wrong! :sweat_smile:

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Very well said, @niven. There have even been a couple/few folks who mentioned (angrily, of course) pitch meetings being derailed by the new engine. Um, yikes. If you put yourself in a position to have a pitch meeting derailed by the beta of a new version of a fundamental piece of the platform upon which you have built your application, that is 100% on you, and one might question how well that pitch meeting was going to go in the first place. Again, yikes.


Further why would anyone start working on workflows before you have your experimental UI sorted and confident.

And if you switch all your containers backed to fixed then it is essentially the same as reverting back to the old engine.

I’ve had to do this because I had an internal app and the new engine solved a UI issue that was critical for me, and it doesn’t actually take that long. Have old and new page on two screens and just copy and past everything you need.