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Reverting Deployment

I would like to only display a landing page for my app. However I have deployed it. How can I undo the changes to the deployed version while keeping everything the same in the development version until we are actually ready to go live?



We don’t really support that. The way I’d do it is clone the current index, and have a the landing page on the original index.

No worries. I actually figured it out. Instead of cloning the page. I just made certain elements “not visible”, added some “Under Construction” verbiage and pushed it live to replace what was already there. I can now make the elements visible in dev mode without them showing up on live mode. I really appreciate the prompt reply.



Be careful with this. Simply hiding things doesn’t necessarily mean the user can’t unhide these elements. For example, you can modify the style properties of an element quite easily in Chrome (right-click > inspect element). I suggest cloning the original and redirecting if the user is authenticated.

That makes sense. How would I redirect after cloning? Just set as Index?

Wait so if I have a hidden element that’s only accessible to certain users such as admins, other people can unhide them? This doesn’t seem very secure. I understand I can just create another page with similar dashboard and redirect different types of users to different pages but I’ve been going away from this approach to easier transition to mobile. There’s a ton of changes I need to make to both of my apps if this is the case.

I could be wrong in terms of what could potentially be visible to users, but I believe this is a safer route.

  1. Make a clone of your page
  2. Remove publicly facing elements
  3. Set the new clone as the new index
  4. In the workflow for the new page, “On page load” and when the user is logged in (or any other requirement you prefer), redirect to the internal page

It also depends on how you’ve implemented security as well. If only admins have access to the data (as set in the “Privacy” tab), then unauthorized users won’t be able to see the data even though they can see the dashboard. If security at a field level becomes available, it would make it more bulletproof as only the accessible data is ever sent.


It’s easy to improve security - when you search for data to show users, use their role (admin/user) in the search criteria. This way the page only ever contains data the user is allowed to see - no need to even bother with the Privacy tab (you can if you want an extra layer).