Any harm in deploying before it's truly ready for users?

Hi gang. Is there any harm in deploying my application to Live prematurely? I’ve set up a temporary index page to collect interest from prospective users, but for every other page I’m using a header where the When-Page-Loads workflow sends the user back to index if not logged in. So theoretically, anyone who isn’t me (i.e. anyone not logged in) can only ever see the index page.

Any harm in running this way for a few weeks?

I wouldn’t even bother, but I’m experimenting with my custom domain/whitelabel connection - which works - but I really hate the “you haven’t deployed your site yet” page. Guessing there’s no way to change that, or auto-redirect traffic to that version-test/index page, right?

Bonus question! Is it safe to assume that AFTER deployment to live anyone (e.g. my alpha tester friends) can still navigate directly to my site (i.e. my development version)? Or does deployment change in any way the ability for others to reach your development version? Thanks!

Sounds like what you’re thinking is fine. After deploying you can still go to the dev version like normal.

Maybe if you wanted a little extra protection against users seeing your pages you’re still working on, you can have everything in a group and make it not visible on page load, then in the workflows do “When condition is true” with the condition “Current user is logged in” then have it show the group element. Then if the user manually types in the URL it doesn’t show the pages elements for a second before your workflow redirects them away (sometimes there’s a delay for a fraction of a second).

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thanks @tylerboodman ! Not sure how overboard I’ll go with it, but your suggestion is sound. thanks again.

I should probably just relax, too. There’s certainly worse problems than people discovering your website :slight_smile:

Yea my suggestion would be just an extra layer to make sure they don’t see any elements before it redirects them. If you have privacy rules on your datatypes then even if they see elements it wouldn’t show any data since they aren’t logged in.

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People use privacy rules to “encrypt” all the database data and ensure a user can only see their own data for example. The rules I think require the user to be logged in so someone not logged in means they don’t see any data.

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Makes sense. Though for now, my Live database will be empty. (As I understand Deployment, it copies design but not data.) So there really won’t be much to see for a few weeks yet.

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