RG create a separate page for SEO?

Hi bubblers,

I had some question about the pages in my app Does passing a URL parameter create extra pages to rank for long tail keywords in Google.

Here is my webpage: https://piptemplate.com/. When you click on a sidebar menu item, like “word” the parameter is passed to the URL and elements on the page change (the title, the description, the data in the RG), BUT does it change the page itself?

The goal is that I want Google to see it as a separate page for SEO, so I could rank for long-tail key words “Performance Improvement Plan Template Word” as well as “Performance Improvement Plan Template”.

I assume no, so how do you achieve this creation of new pages in bubble?

Hey there!
It doesn’t change the page itself when you send a parameter

For ranking in Google is better to build a multipage apps than an SPA

You can create a new page and add the keywords you need

I made a post about SEO apps here if you want to check

Hope it helps! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for replying and great write up!
I have a question, tho, must it be a multipage app? I feel the user experience is quite degraded sending them to another page.

Is it possible to keep them on the same page but make sure google recognizes that as a separate URL for SEO?

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Second question - on pokedex when I click on a type or generation on the left hand side, is that a link that leads to an internal page (which is a separate page) that is watching the URL to load the title, description, adjust the data in the rg?

Well I choose multipage because I agree mostly with this blog post

But also, if you want that bubble generate the sitemap file for you automatically, you need to have a Datatype attached to the page :slight_smile:

And yes, regarding the Pokedex