Repeating group with links to internal sub-pages based on external database


I am struggling with the structure of the page I want to set up. My main page essentially displays a number of “listings” in a RG list with multiple fields and gets the data for it from an external API database that updates frequently. This all works and updates fine.

Now what I want to accomplish is that each element in the RG is clickable and directs to a dedicated page for that listing that displays substantially more information that it gets from the same database. So I read through countless threads on RGs and option sets but it seems they usually rely on data within the database of the bubble app.

Is what I am trying to accomplish even possible with an external database? If not, as a more rudimentary solution I would also be fine to set up template pages for each of the potential listings that will each just populate based on different database items and the RG on the main page will just send 1st row click to the 1st template, 2nd row to the 2nd template etc. but I also don’t quite understand how to achieve that.

Been spending days on this, any help greatly appreciated!

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