RG Data Grouping, Sorting, Oh My

I’ve a few situations where I’m trying to create a dashboard widget to give certain information, but I can’t seem to get any of them working. I’ve tried Group by in a RG, but I just can’t get it to work. Is there another way I should be doing this?


  1. I want to see what users have registered for the most events. I have a Data Type for event registrations, and on there it has a field registrant which links it to a user. I’ve tried a RG for users, and Data source is a search for Event Registraions:each item’s registrant. Results are it shows some people multiple times in the RG instead of showing each person only once. I would also like to sort the list based on the users with the most registrations, but this does not seem to be an option.

  2. I want to see what members have referred the most people. I have a Data Type called Creator Points, and on this it has a field for the user that was referred(Member), and who referred that person(Member_referred). I’m doing a Group in the RG where I do a search for Creator Points:grouped by Member_referred hoping to get a list of members who referred someone, and then a total of how many people they have referred. Then sort it by the member who refered the most to least.

  3. Trying to get a list of how many people are in each Branch. on the user Data type I have a field which is linked to an Option Set called Branch. So each user is assigned a Branch. What I’m trying is content: Grouping, Data source: Search for Users: grouped by Branch. I’m getting a list of the branches, but the numbers don’t seem to be accurate. they all seem to be 1-2 users off. For example I have 85 in the production branch but in the RG it says 88. Also, it’s displaying an extra option set which is blank with 0 users. Not sure why it’s adding an extra entry. Lastly, I would like to sort by the results of how many users, so the one with the most users is at the top. Similiar to all the issues above, I can’t seem to sort by the results.

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Did you ever figure this one out? Nothing I’ve tried seems to be working…

Yes, fellow eric m, I got them all working using Grouped by, and

the trick was adding an Aggregation on the Group By for Count.

Thank you for quick response, fellow eric10, Doing this seemed to require me to change/create a new data type “group?” As soon as I clicked “grouped by” the data type in my RG changed from “task” ,in my app, to “grouping” and as such the reusable elements I created were no longer recognized as “current cells task” The screen shot, above, shows only the first step in what appears to be an ambiguous and unintuitive process… Would you mind producing a couple more screen shots showing the process?

I’m by no means an expert on this, and I think I’m where you are trying to piece things together, and figure out as I go.

When you do a group by then you will use “Current Cells Grouping”, then you will need to use for example in a text “Parent group’s Grouping’s task’s X”.

It’s frustrating at times. Just wished @bubble would create more video clips or tutorials regarding some these more advanced functions… As I mentioned, I’m using a reusable element in my RG. I’m going to try creating a group to contain that element and see what does? If it works I’ll let you/everyone here now. Thx for the help.

That was a waist of time… Seems like such a simple thing to do? I think my use of a reusable element is the problem? But how am I to know?

I figured out a work around using multiple sorts. Downside is that it required me to add a new field “Sort Order” that grabs a slug value from another data type.