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Repeating group as a temporary data source?

Hey everyone!
I have a Repeating group, which has data from various datatypes with some complex filters and formulas.
Now I want to get some data from this RG and sort it as per my requirement and display it.
Is there anyway that I can use this whole RG data as a “Data source”?
I mean, Is there anyway that I can get all rows and columns of this RG as a table/datatype(temporary) and use it somewhere else on the same page?

Why can’t I just copy paste this RG?
A: Because I need to do some sorting on this RG based on a column which is not directly connected to the datatype of this RG.

Yes you can.

Use the plugin “RepeatingGroup Toll (bdk)

Damn! Seems like the publisher made this plugin exclusively for my use case :sweat_smile:
Thank you so much for the suggestion.
I’ll wait for any free ways to do this. If none, I’ll purchase it.

I use it in my app. It is very good. :+1:

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Not sure I fully understand he question?.. can’t you just refer to the RG’s list of items?

I’m able to refer to the RGs list of items which are of the same type as RG. For example, I have users and orders tables. RG is of type Users and there’s a column in the same RG which is getting data from orders table. I’m able to refer to RGs list of users but not the whole RG data which also includes a column from orders table

@J805 can you help me here please

Hey @maheshkasindi :wave:

If you don’t want to do the plugin from above or use the list shifter plugin, which is sort of difficult, you can save the data to your database. If I understand your need correctly, sometimes you might need to do a calculation each time something changes, but that should work. I do it all of the time because the plugins are not fun to work with. :blush: Does that make sense?

Somewhat yes. But my exact use case is this :
I have a Repeating group of type users. 1st column is for user names. 2nd column is for order numbers which is from orders datatype. I’m using filters here to get my results. 3rd column is for payments datatype, same as 2nd column, I’m using filters and some maths to get my results here also. Now This repeating is a mix of 3 datatypes which are barely connected to each other, Users, orders and payments. Now I want to sort this RG users list based on the payments amount. Users are in orders datatype and payments datatype contains orders but users and payments are not directly connected. So I believe it’s impossible to sort users RG using Payments datatype. So what I’m thinking of is, Using this RG as a table/datatype so that user and payment amount will be directly connected as they both lie in the same row. So I can sort them easily in a new RG in the same page.
Edit: Is List shifter capable of doing this? I’m open to using it if it works.

@romanmg could you please have a look here

I usually use this plugin

Editor: bdkdemos | Bubble Editor

Plugin: RepeatingGroup Tools (bdk) Plugin | Bubble

This is the one that I know works. Not the easiest to understand but I have made it work a few times when I have needed it.

Hope that helps.

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