RG Dynamic Rows

Hey Everyone,

Is there a way to make a RG dynamic in such a way that when I change the value of a input a new row would appear?

A RG ‘is dynamic’ due to it being bound to data. Can you share more about the behavior you are expecting vs. what you are experiencing? Are you adding a record outside the RG and expecting it to show in the RG? If yes, that should happen automatically if the data you are saving is the same data thing as from which the RG is bound. If you are modifying data externally to the RG, really the same principal applies. Once data is saved, the RG data should update without needing to do anything extra. PM me if you need a bit of assistance.


Hey @curt.rice

When # of Cement changes a value the RG would add add a visible row.
I.E. If # of Cement value was 10 the RG would show 10 Rows.

I am currently doing it with separate groups but i have a lot of Expressions to add and a RG would simplify it.

This is what I am talking about, https://youtu.be/xgznk4XlPCo.

I dont know if that is possible in Bubble.

This is totally doable in Bubble. I have an app that does pretty much exactly what was shown in the PowerApps video (although I only watched the first 6 minutes). I’ll PM you with details. I want to make sure I understand the end state, and what you have in place for a data model. You can corner yourself with a design not aligned with the solution you are trying to create.

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Awesome, I appreciate it a lot sir.

Great job moving your solution forward. Let me know if you need any further assistance.

Just giving an update so if anyone has the same issue. With the help of @curt.rice the solution was to use a group within the RG and format a conditional that was
When>Input X’ value equal to or greater than Current cell’s index.

Any body have any questions in the future are more than welcome to give me a hollar.

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Hi Wilson / Curt. I have a similar problem. Are you available to assist?