RG List merged with conundrum same list matching items

ref the bubble reference for ‘merge with’ If an entry is in both, it will only appear once in the returned list.

so i seem to be stuck… in list A certain items in the list match…when i ‘merge with’ another list
‘List B’ which has no matching entries in either List B or List A those items which match in list A are excluded and only one of those is shown in the RG…based on the the reference i would assume its only matching items in both lists not the same list.

does anyone know of any alternatives to merging two lists…my datasources is API returning JSON plus anything…the second list is just a dummy list to make up the numbers

You’ll find the same with the other list operations like adding or removing or sorting: duplicate entries are removed.

If you want to display the duplicates plus extra items in a RG, how about generate a second list the size of list A + list B, to get the number of rows, then in each cell you can refer to list A’s #item based on the cell number, conditional on list A’s count.

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ahhh thanks @mishav…i hadn’t realized it applies to all list operations …thanks for the steer…that will do quite nicely.

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