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RG not updating search

Hi, just want to check if anybody is experiencing this before submitting a bug report.

I know that repeating groups have a delay in showing data and sometimes we need to do some workaround to refresh, but this is new situation that never happened to me.

In a client project I upload a CSV file with, let’s say, 50 records.

After uploading I perform some backend workflow to normalize data. Every record “normalized” is flagged in the database. On the page there is a repeating group with a search of all and only the records flagged as ok. While the backend workflow is working you can see that the RG starts showing the items. The same search used in the RG has been put in the title just to see the items count from the RG.

PROBLEM IS that the repeating get stuck every time (I tested for hours …) on the last record. The loading never ends because its says that there are 49 items in the list while in the DB there are of course 50 items.

You can wait forever but the list is never refreshed. I tried all the possible tricks. No way. Only if you reload the page, the repeating group eventually shows the real 50 items.

What makes me think that this is a bug is also this. If the page is opened and showing the 50 items, and I delete them from DB, you can see the items count going down but then it stops at 1 (while of course the database is empty). Again, if you reload the page the item previously left is gone.

Anybody having the same issue ? Any idea how to solve ? This is very confusing for our users and it is honestly unacceptable for a live application.

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