RGs & "Do a Search for" not updating without refresh today

RGs in my app are suddenly not displaying new items from the database unless the page is reloaded. Nothing has changed in my app and I haven’t pushed an update in a few days.

I’ve submitted this to the bug team, but wanted to post here to see if anyone else is experiencing this.


Same here. It’s disastrous for my app.

It seems to be fixed for me now, but still haven’t heard back from the bug team.

This behavior was resolved, but now it’s back today. Anyone else?


Same here, it was working yesterday

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Same problem here. It seems to appear randomly and not just on RG but also on others “Do a search for” actions


I’ve been losing hair over this today.

6 hours in troubleshooting gone, but at least glad I wasn’t causing it.


same here.

suddenly no updates of nested repeating groups, as well as auto downgrade from hobby plan to free plan, which makes some apps unusable :frowning:

please help!

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Did somebody experience this somewhere else than RG?
For example whe have a workflow with a condition that looks like this :

  1. Create a thing only when Do a search for that thing:count is 0
  2. Do something else only when Do a search for that thing:count > 0

When this worklow is runned several time in a row without reloading the page the step 1 always trigger whereas we can see that the thing was created in the database so step 2 should have triggered instead.


Still experiencing this as well.

I’m also experiencing it lately

Ohhh man, it’s a disaster for me this issue… please Bubble Team fix it!

Give us feedback on why this is happening!

Same Here. I already losing clientes. Please, fix it.

Same here again today, all while on demos with potential users. So frustrating.

same here. Just had a couple of users report it.

It’s happening in your app right now?

I can’t reproduce it right now, I was thinking it might be tied to time of day.

hey @aj11 we are having the same issue, and we have definitely thought about that reason. It usually only happens between 9am and 12pm (CT), when USA wakes up, have thought about something to do with the server load. We really do not know how to approach this issue, and it’s causing us problems with our customer for sure!


Yeah that would make sense. Same time I’m seeing each day. I’m going to try and watch for the behavior tomorrow if I can and see if I can get some more data on what’s happening.

My systems are now running normal as well. I’m having a lot of problems with customers. Did the support team say anything?

They need to be able to reproduce this somehow to do anything about it. So it’s on us to figure out the exact conditions to replicate to get them to act.

It’s annoying, but I get it. We all know how hard a bug is to track down without being able to replicate it ourselves.