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RG Popup Group - Skip to show next cell while on the popup

Hello - I’ve been trying to firgure out if there is a way that on a popup from RG, that is displaying the current cells information - Is it possible to create a button for “next” for example so that it will then displays the next cell after’s information.

Basically looking for the popup to skip and display the next cell.



No doubt there are several ways to achieve this, but here’s a simple way…

Set a custom state (number) on the popup called ‘item number’

Set the content type of the popup to be the same as the RG, and the datasource to be the RG’s list of items, item# popup's item number

Then when an item is the RG is clicked to open the popup, set the ‘item number’ state value to be current cell's index

When the ‘next’ button in the popup is clicked, set the popup’s ‘item number’ state value to be it’s current value + 1.

That will let you scroll through the items in the popup.

Note: you’ll need to set some conditionals up so that you can only add 1 to the ‘item number’ state value until you’ve reached the final item in the list, and if you’re goign to have a ‘back’ button as well then you’ll need to do the same in reverse for that one.

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Thanks for that, I am stuck on the last bit… When I start a workflow for the button NEXT - It doesn’t give that option for current value + 1? Please see pic below of this workflow;

You need to refer to it directly via the element and state name…

So in your case, for the custom state value in the workflow set it to: Rg View Popup's Item Number + 1


Thankyou for your help on this, unfortunatley it’s still not displaying the next item when I click NEXT.

Here are the data / workflows now using your advice, is there something I am missing here :frowning:


In the first image the workflow isn’t doing anything (it’s just setting the state value to the value it already is, so literally doing nothing). Besides, I can’t see where or why you’re triggering that custom event.
In any case, it’s not actually doing anything, so I’d get rid of it if I were you (unless I’m missing something).

In the second image, the workflow looks good, but you can get rid of step 3 (display data in RG view popup). It’s doing the same thing as step 1 so it’s not needed (and if it’s set up wrong could be causing a conflict there).

In the third image your datasource is wrong. You’ve currently got it set to display item number 1. You want it to display the item you have set in your custom state. So item# RG View Popup's Item Number instead of item# 1.

The fourth image is all good.

So make those changes and you should get the functionality you’re looking for.

Thanks so much! Only one thing left, it won’t let the data source just be Item# :pensive:

No, the datasource needs to be RepeatingGroup Comany's List of Companys Item# RG View Popup's Item Number

so click ‘more’ and add the rest of the expression:


Done that now as well but when I click next, still nothing :frowning: I just don’t understand what’s happening!

Get rid of step 2 in the first workflow (the one on the click of the View button - ‘display data in rg view popup’).

That’s where the issue is, as that overrides the datasource defined in the popup.

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Done, it works… THANKS SO MUCH :smiley: !!! Really appreciate the help :slight_smile:

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