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Hi there,
I’ve been trying to figure this out for way too long and am waving the white flag… I have a Popup (PopupOrderDetails) that, as the name suggests, shows the Order details of the current cell from a repeating group. When that popup shows I’m also recording the cell selected in the repeating group’s custom state called CellNumber.

I want to be able to click a NextOrder button and show the repeating group’s CellNumber + 1, but cannot figure out how to do it for the life of me. I can’t seem to be able to reference the CellNumber custom state in the Display Data workflow. What am I missing?

Sounds like you almost have it.

  1. Rather put the “Cell Number” state on the popup.
  2. When popup is opened, display the current Things data in the popup and set the Cell Number state to current cell’s index
  3. When “next” is clicked in the popup: Display data → the repeating group’s list of items : item# CellNumber +1

You’ll need some checks to make sure you only do the last step when you aren’t already on the last item.

Hope that helps!


Actually, better way :

  1. When RG item clicked set CellNumber (popups custom state) equal to the current cell’s index

  2. Display data in popup → repeating group’s list : item # CellNumber.

  3. When “next” clicked, set value of CellNumber to CellNumber + 1 and run step 2 again.

Of course… That makes way too much sense now. Worked like a charm, really appreciate the help!

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Hi, @robhblake ,
I was not able to reference RG in the popup (no option to any RG index), could you tell me how is that done?
Much appreciate it.