RG Wont Have fixed number of columns in different screen sizes

I’m creating a calendar using fixed number of cells. I want number of columns to stick to 7 (Days of the week). However, in larger screens, number of columns get to more than 7, is there any way to go around this? See video https://www.loom.com/share/297d517c8b7649eabd13ce222fff3f37

Hey @primedevs

Sounds silly but have you thought about setting the number of columns to 7 and making the RG fixed width?

Haha yeah, I set the RG to fixed number of cells. I expected it to be 7 columns and 6 rows as initially set, even when page is stretched @ambroisedlg

@primedevs I’m getting the same behavior when the ‘This RG has a fixed width’ checkbox is unchecked, but not when it’s checked

@ambroisedlg Exactly! I wanted a situation where the RG stretches with the page without increasing the number of columns

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