How to do RG pagination with a responsive width

Hello community,

I am creating a repeating group with a paging system.

To do this I have fixed the number of cells in my repeating group since without the fixed cells, the pagination can not be done (3x3 here).

Unfortunately, this feature does not seem to resize the number of columns when the screen shrinks for the mobile version and the 3 columns overlap.

Do you have any idea how to do this? because the old feature of having one column and allowing more if the width grows seemed perfect for this :sweat_smile:

Ps: I have another possible solution by doing all the calculations and passing through the states to set the page and the number of items to display, a start index and end index but it seems to be a lot for something so simple.

Here is the screen of my element:

thanks for your time ^^

Edit : put rg in a flex box solved this

Seems to be a quite similar use case to what I asked here: Responsively display tags in repeating group (?)

Did you work this out? I’m facing the same challenge. I cannot have a responsive page with a fixed width GR which is required for the pagination to work. right?