Rich text editor but with limited editing capability?


We’re working on a knowlwedge base (KB) with editor. The KB editor needs to be able to handle formatting, like headers, bold and italic text, URL and images etc. However, we want to keep the formating consitent from one KB article to the other. So we need the font to be the same, we want headers to all look the same (color and size etc).

1. We need to restrict editor usage:
How can we achieve this? Currently using the Bubble Rich Text Editor but no way to precisely limit what can be edited or not. When using the Basic editor complexity, we an remove font choices but then we lose Video embedding or code sample…

2. We need to force the formatting on the text
Once the text is saved in the database, I am not sure on how to force the article text to show according to the approved corproate style. Font, header size and color, should all follow the prescribed style. How can I do this on a text element?

After doing further search it seems that what I need is a MarkDown editor 🤌 Markdown Pro Plugin | Bubble

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