Rich Text Editor (Beta)

Hi @eve,

The new Rich Text Editor in Beta mode is amazing. I was wondering why it didn’t have the following points yet:

  • Select a default font, placeholders don’t look anywhere near my other multiline inputs.
  • The basic version doesn’t contain bullet points, which in my opinion is a very basic aspect
  • Conditional Statement doesn’t seem to work to control the rich text editor.

If you can make the new rich text editor behave like any other multiline-input that would be amazing. What would be even better: Add Rich Editor options to multi-line inputs!


Hello! Forwarded to our engineering team for assessment. Thanks for your feedback!


Maybe add an option for “style complexity” = none.
Useful when using conditionals, for example if user is not logged in, style complexity = none and input is disabled.

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Also can not change the content of the text editor dynamically. It remembers the last initial text loaded but that’s it, you can not dynamically change the content based on a condition as you can in multi-line inputs.

Ideally you should be able to load content into the text editor based on the query you ask it to run, so if there are conditions on that query such as choose this paragraph to display then choose to display another paragraph based on a change in the query. At the moment you can not do this.

I’ve found a bug.

When you add a video and autobind whatever comes after the video gets lost… I’ve tested it a few times and it happens every time.

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Also getting the following error in Edit view

This Rich Text Editor is nice, thank you. I like that you can display the input in a regular text element.

I suggest a feature, where we can disable the ability for users to select an alternative font.
Right now it doesn’t render the font that is selected in the text editor (default is Sans Serif).
I actually think that’s good. Too many variations of fonts could result in a wild eyesore type situation.

I am inclined to use the setting: style complexity = medium.
I’m really only interested in bold, headers, bullet points, links.
So the medium complexity will do very nicely. However it will not be good, if the font function starts working…

I think the app fonts should be determined exclusively by the app developers/owners, not the users. That is my opinion/preference…

And a bug observation:
When we attach a link, to a piece of text; the link defaults to the color blue.
However this does not show up when displaying in a text element.
If we change the link color (to purple or whatever); the color does show up in a text element.


Hi eve, I’m having the same issue that jordenfaucet noted below, where links show up as the same color as normal text (instead of the expected blue, which they show up as inside the rich text editor). Can you see if the Bubble team can address this bug?