Rich text editor - link function

Hello everyone, I am using the bubble Rich Text Editor plugin. One of it’s functions is the link function. It makes my life much easier as I can link certain words in my text to open up another page (I am making a financial dictionary, so it is really useful - definitions contain other financial terms so it is very useful). Example below


My question is: when I put the URL link, what am I supposed to put for when the page is going to be launched, because the URL is not going to be the bubble generated one, but a different domain? example bellow

you’ll need to put there smth like this: https://[yournewdomain]/page

yeah, that’s what I thought as it is the only thing that makes sense but wanted to confirm. Thank you very much for your fast reply, did you by any chance have it on your page if you already launched it, does it work fine?