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Richer Postmark emails plugin ✉ [Update of 16 march 2021]

Thanks @vini_brito

In the meantime I think I’ll go with the find and replace expression.

Thanks a lot man :smiley:

Looked into it, while there are no bugs per se, since that field expects HTML and line breaks and styles are expected to be in HTML, I feel your pain.

Try looking for a rich text editor that outputs both HTML and BBCode, that way you show the BBCode in Bubble and uses the HTML in the email.

If you don’t find any, free or paid, tell me, I do have a private rich text editor that outputs BBCode, HTML and plain text, so I can enable it in your app. While a lot of work went into polishing it, it still may have some rough edges and I won’t be able to fix or polish them in a timely manner, that’s why I keep it private. I’m saying this just so you don’t get stuck and have an alternative.

P.S: It works fine for my use cases. It’s just that a lot of unknown unknowns appeared over time and were fixed, so I know that unforeseeable stuff may show up. But generally it’s pretty stable now.

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Can I use this postman plugin with a free Bubble plan?

I think so.


Yep you can

Hey @vini_brito just checking if this postmark change will effect the plugin?

Hey there @equibodyapp,

I believe @vini_brito addressed it an another thread, but it will not.

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Thanks @johnny :slight_smile:

No problem :blush: