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Right Adjusted Repeating Group

Currently trying to add a list of tags in a repeating group and get it to right align. Does anyone know how to do this. At the moment the new responsive engine appears to only offer left aligned RGs.

I’d imagine you can change this through CSS pretty easily, but I would need to do research as to which tags.

I would try that Avenue, it’s your only option I think.

Thanks for your reply. I found this snippet on the forums, but I am not sure how to assign it to the RG I need.

    #right { 
display: flex; 
align-content: flex-end;
flex-direction: row-reverse;

Well you will need to expose your attribute id’s in your settings. Then at the bottom of each element you will see a new field that you can tag (ie right).

Then you can use an html element and create the style tag shown above.

I am not sure if it will work though. You likely need to remove the display:flex;. That might allow it to work.

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Well that was simple! It worked by putting “right” in the attribute id! Thanks a ton!!!

Those who know CSS can do 10x the stuff as someone who doesn’t.

I will have to learn it :grinning:

It’s important to note that row-reverse does exactly that - i.e. reverses the order of the items; so if all you need is to right justify the content, then justify-content might be a better choice. Might not matter in your case, but it’s something to keep in mind. Note the sequence of the items in the list below…

Also, there’s a technique for specifying an element’s id which does not require hard-coding a specific id. (That’s the reason for the attribute selector in the CSS code above. I may elaborate in a future post.)

p.s. I’d also suggest appending !important as a future-proofing measure.

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Thank you for this! Definitely need to learn more about CSS as I can see how much it can improve a bubbler!

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