Right-click action?

I’ve always been curious about this, but does Bubble have a right-click action? Meaning an action is executed upon a right-click on a group

You can use JS for this.

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Isn’t left-click a “standard” click? Do you mean right-click? Since a left click corresponds to a “tap” on a mobile device, one would have to think through the mobile UX implications of implementing right-click functionality.

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Yeah my bad, right click is what I meant lol

Few plugins for custom right click menus already exist. Otherwise a JS can help you accomplish.

Currently they don’t support currently

I’m interested in this as well. I’ve checked out the few plugins there are for this, but they seem rather limited in options.

@chris.williamson1996 How would you go about accomplishing this with JS? Or could you point us to some resources about implementing this functionality with JS?

I’m a pretty novice coder, so I don’t quite know where to start. But I understand enough that if you can at least point me in the right direction with the basic building blocks, I can usually figure it out.

What I imagine being able to do is draw out a group object that will be my “contextual menu” that could then be triggered to appear wherever the mouse currently is. Do you think something like this is possible with JS? Or is there a better option available in JS?

Thanks for your help!!