Right-click to add element "here"

Hi everyone,

I’ve started using Bubble recently, so I’m a “Responsive engine native”. Quite used with creating groups and groups and groups… (although a little less now thanks to padding now).

The last update allowing us to move elements in the Elements tree is a great improvement.

But it still is a bit frustrating to not be allowed to add a new element just where I want.

I wondered if maybe there could be a new option is menu that shows when your right-click on an element in the Editor or in the Elements tree : “Add an element here”, which would add an element in the selected group (if it’s a group) or after the selected element (if it’s something else). You’d select the element in a pop-up, or maybe directly use this function after having selected the element in the left side menu).

I made a quick visual explanation:

I shared this idea on Twitter, and a few other Bubblers liked it (I’m just starting discussing about Bubble on Twitter :sweat_smile:). One suggested that the “Add element here” function could also be triggered with keyboard shortcut. They suggested “CMD+K”, as in Figma apparently.

What do you think? Would it be helpful?

Or do you know a trick I don’t know to get to the same result?

Thanks !