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Why is contextual menu in tree different from editor stage

When there are lot of elements nested within each other and their sizes being similar to each other, it becomes difficult to click on the item you want.

One can find that element in the tree or can click on an element and then go to “select first parent” etc and go to that element somehow. But then if you want to right click on that element to do something, that element again goes away as right click happens on another element.

Right click contextual menu in the editor stage has some options (e.g. ungroup this element) which are not there in the tree or in the edit-style black colour pop-up that comes.

How do you people achieve right click for such elements?

Can Bubble make context menu of right click on an element same in the tree and in the stage area?

I always highlight the parent element from clicking in the element tree and then right click on one of the little resize element squares along the edges of the element. I also know some people who purposefully leave their group slightly bigger on one side for that purpose, but clicking on the little nodes has always worked for me.

Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 4.20.22 PM

See here the little white squares are visible and the group is slightly wider than the elements within. If there are any other work arounds for this I would love to hear it but I do think it would be cool if a right click in the element tree would have the same affect as a right click directly on the element.

Thanks @williamtisdale . I’ll try this. :+1:

@williamtisdale what you suggested, doesn’t work in new responsive engine.

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Group/ungroup etc. can also be accessed from the Arrange menu in the top menu bar…

It’s not as convenient as right click, but everything in the contextual menu can also be found in one of the top menus.

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Ah nice. Thanks. That helps.