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Riilo - Jobs with Relocation Packages

Hey guys! I’ve started a project called Riilo, a job listing site focusing on relocation packages and work visas.

After a bit of googling it seemed that there were niche job sites for remote jobs and other things, but not for those seeking specifically to move/start afresh. Millions of people dream of moving to another place, only to struggle with the realization of that goal. Riilo can help with with that by showcasing business that want to be truly competitive and find the best for the job by offering a relocation package.

What are your thoughts? Do you think there’d be a large enough market for this niche? My hope is that it will enable short-staffed hospital to post for more medial professionals, in the least. I think it would also help less metropolitan areas capture talent.



Looks Pretty Nice !

Definitely a good idea.
Intermediary model for supply to demand balance is a good place to be.

I’d test it by loading your site with some jobs you see that offer relocation from other sites and find relocation seekers to test with on boards, social.

The other angle I’d test with would be recruiters - if you could get them into the mix it could offer a powerful edge.

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Thanks! Makes me happy to hear haha.

Preloading a few jobs before I fully open is on my to-do list, if only to showcase how it works and keep it from being empty.

Also, I definitely want to figure out how to get recruiters in the mix, but currently not sure what the best approach for that is.

thanks for the input!

I’ve pitched recruiters in the past, from that experience you just need to find a few and say you’re working on something that will help them earn a commission on relocation and I’m certain they will talk to you :slight_smile:

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just search for recruiters like you are someone who wants to hire them. I bet they crawl out of the weeds. Also maybe on LinkedIN?

I would look for professional staffing agencies and you may have to be categorical with it, i.e. nursing, accountants, IT people, on and on.

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