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Rive - interactive animations for Bubble!

Hi all, we just released a Rive plugin for Bubble!

Rive allows you to build and ship interactive animations to the web, products, and games. We have an online collaborative editor with design, rigging, and animation tools. You can easily make animations interactive with our visual State Machine and add them to your Bubble app. Check out this playground, which should give you a sense of what’s possible. Also, check out our Community for a bunch of open-source animations to experiment with.

Check out this video for more on Rive. Announcing the new Rive - YouTube

We’re fairly new to Bubble and we’d love your feedback!



@guidorosso welcome to the community!

Bookmarked! Awesome stuff! :grinning:

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Great work - nice comprehensive plugin that will prove to be very useful.


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Thanks both! We’re excited to see what the Bubble community creates with it!

Really cool stuff! Unfortunatly it’s not so easy to make it work. A quick videotutorial would help a bunch :slight_smile:
Or maybe is just me who cannot make it work for some reason.

This is phenomenal!!!

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@guidorosso can you show me how to use the plugin? How can I link a .rive file into my Bubble canvas.