Rive Animations in Bubble

Hey ! Have created a rive, animation rive.app - struggling with the plugin source, says you must reference the .riv file - but having uploaded it to file manager no luck referencing it through a URL. Any ideas on what the URL needs to be in the animation element for it to work ? Joe.

Hi @bespoke did you ever figure this out? I am also having the same issue.

Yes i did - it was somewhat unsatisfactory and didn’t bother using it - but I uploaded the file directly to bubble as a data type with a file field - then this gave me a cdn.bubble.io file url which I copied and pasted into the rive source element and added https: on the front and managed to show the animation

This solution didn’t seem to work for me, but I was able to just toss the embed code into an html element and show the animation. still can’t use the plugin though.