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Roam Research Bidirectional Links

Hi all, I’m new to Bubble and looking for ideas as to how to implement the kind of bidirectional links that underlie Roam Research. Here’s a description of what I mean:

The power of Roam and what underlies its knowledge graph is the bi-directional links engine. Linking to an existing topic or creating a new topic works the same. You could either use [[topic]] or #topic . If a page already exists, a link between the two will be created. If there’s no corresponding page with that title, a new page will be created and linked to from the page you’re currently on. You don’t have to use that new page. It’s just a node in your network of thoughts. And it will automatically collect all the other pages where that topic is referred to.
How to use Roam Research: a tool for metacognition - Ness Labs

The special piece is that a page named [[Bubble]] will auto-collect any instances of “Bubble” on any other pages.

Thanks for your help!