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Suggestion for user-created 'walk-throughs'

Hi all,

Do you think it would be useful to have a page here in the forum where we can post our own walk-throughs? Perhaps we could file them with more structure, so for example under more detailed categories and relate them to the other videos / demos as ‘extensions’. I think there are often a number of people trying to achieve similar, more complicated functionality, so this could help a lot of people to progress more quickly than they can now.




Great idea.

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That sounds fantastic! Do you think adding a ‘walkthrough’ category in the forum would be a good way? Happy to experiment with something else if you want.

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Maybe that is a good starting point.

I am not sure what is the best way to structure the different types of functionality that we all typically build into the different apps (I am only on my first one that I have devised for myself) but I imagine there are not too many main types, but possibly a lot of different more complex variants on the main types of function. The challenge is figuring out how to use the different aspect of Bubble as the ‘tools’ to build the desired functionality.

Off the top of my head, there are:

  • Setting up user / registration / sign in/out
  • Building, populating and managing data structure
  • Various types of search / query function (some simple, some complicated)
  • Use of location services
  • Use of advertising
  • Charging customers

I will think about it further. What do other people think?

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I think this is an absolutely brilliant suggestion.

My app requires some pretty complex maths. I can achieve the calcs that I need on one page only (eg a user page), but would love a walkthrough to demonstrate how I can place these calcs into the data structure, so that the various formulae can be accessed from any page.

Do you think the forum isn’t the good place for this? Another way would be to have users write on medium, and add these post to bubble’s publication (, so that people can write under there name, and to add this at

In such a case, it would look a lot like (which I wrote).

Either way, it’s an amazing idea, let’s just figure out the best approach :smile:

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