Roll your own stripe subscriptions

just want to put this out there, its the stripe module for the app we are building.

i dont like the look of stripes embedded form out of the box, we wanted to build our own experience.

each subscription is a two step process, you create the user in bubble first, then you get the billing info. that way if they bounce for any reason before completing the purchase, you still have them in your system for follow up, ie they are dumped into our failed purchase follow-up email sequence

we are using the depricated stripe.js plugin because at the time the newer one didnt have all the api calls we needed. i checked this morning and it looks like the author has updated the new one (and added a bunch more, +1). we will change that to use the new one soon.

the example is rough, not a lot of validation and such. but it works.

set up subscriptions on your stripe, in my experience you don’t need to duplicate with live subscriptions during dev but it can’t hurt. you will need your own pk and sk keys. dont forget Bearer in front of the sk key

also check out what we did with the password input. we always try to reduce any friction in the purchase process so instead of having to retype the password, we allow user to confirm it visually

hope someone finds this useful. the bubble community is humming which is why we decided to take this leap and build this project 100% (ish) nocode.

Stripe subscription module