Stripe.js or Stripe by Bubble? Which one?

Hey Guys,
I wanna enable stripe subscription or any other (would love suggestions) for my app.

I wanna lock access to few pages to normal users and enable it to those who pay a monthly subscription.

Can I easily achieve this using Stripe plugin by Bubble or should I make use of Stripe.js?

What do you guys suggest?

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I would go with the Plugin made by Bubble because it’s simple. When you charge the user it will redirect you to Stripe’s checkout. Just simpler and less hassle.

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If you’re just looking for subscriptions, I’d use Bubble’s.

The only downside is that you can’t customize the checkout process. With Stripe.Js, you can build your own checkout process. If you’re ok with the default checkout, just go ahead and use Bubble’s.


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Take a look at servicebot: Servicebot + Bubble Partnership

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@johnny @Nocodify @ryanck
Thanks a lot guys for your suggestion :heart:

Hey @Nocodify,
Do you use Bubble’s Stripe or Stripe.js on your site Nocodify?