Rotation feature request

I’m currently layering text and input fields on top of images for a more creative look to a traditional profile, allowing the user to create their journey. This requires text to be slightly angled as it goes in a planner and on sticky notes. Plug in elements like picture upload and buttons will follow. From a technical perspective, how difficult would it be to add a rotation feature for non-text and non-picture elements?

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There is rotation for text elements further down the appearance window.

On the image, my text is already rotated.

Sorry, Yes I see that now. Have a look on the plugin store, there are a few plugins that rotate elements.

There may be some plugins or you can search Google for some code you can implement.

I used the Rotate Me plug in. Once I placed it on the page and adjusted the angle, it did not rotate.
Once I right click the element or the group and cycle through the tabs there is no option where I can enter custom code. Where can the code be entered?

  1. Create a Shape and set your rotation angle
  2. Right-click the shape to open a list of editing options
  3. Click ‘Replace by another type’
  4. Choose ‘Text’

To tilt the text as in your image, use a - (for example Rotation angle -45)

This has worked for me. I could even still adjust the angle after replacing the type.