Rounded down to Day vs. Date

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Apologies if this has been answered but I have not found an exact answer yet. Can someone outline exactly what will be recorded in my DB when I round down to date vs day for example Dec 9, 2021 7:00 pm?

I am specifically looking for it to record as Dec 9, 2021 so that I can later filter on this by a date picker. However, the only way I’ve gotten this to work is by using the formatted as function which will only work as text, which will then create further complications with the rest of my website features.

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Dates are numbers in milliseconds…. this is the reason why it is meticulous to manage them. Every milllionth second that passes is a different number. What we see is a formatted representation to understand it. And this format varies as well know (month first day next, am/pm, with time or not, etc etc)

One simple way to manage choosing dates as month/day is :round down to date which brings that number to the equivalent of 00:00 of that day

See the manual @anthony.woodard91

Date is a date (day month year)
Day is Day of Week represented as a number (0-6)

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