Live Bubbling with Keith: Let's Talk About Dates - Explaining the Basics of Dates in Bubble

Been a while since I posted a long-form video… Here’s a new 1 hour video where I talk about the basics of the much-misunderstood Date data type in Bubble. Covering what dates are and why we need them, explaining that dates are times, explaining the difference between date construction and date formatting, and showing the new “Utility” features in Calendar Grid Pro.

This might be helpful to anyone who has struggled with dates or who wants a better understanding of the basics of dates.

Also, I needed to do some video overviews of the new utility functions in CG Pro, and this puts some nice context around those examples. Starts with a discussion of dates and the date data type, ends with CG Pro new features.

Happy Bubblin’!


Learn about dates in the video above: #lockdownandlearnwithkeith

Hi @keith !

I just experienced the following … I wonder if this is strange behavior or if it is actually normal.

Saving a rounded to month current date in a flow to a date field turns out the following:

A user in the Philippines produces March 31, 11:00pm

A user in the Americas produces April 1, 12:00am

Any insights on this please?
( @adamhholmes @mikeloc @Jici @eli )

I am looking to save a date in an object that enables me to refer to it with other objects dates being rounded down to a month as well. Writing this and seeing the behavior that I am getting I think I may need to resort to another method … But I will wait a bit to hear any guidance that may come my way :grinning:

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Rounding down isn’t the same thing as “start of”. Think about it. (In the context of the browser.)


Instead of rounding down, I like :change day to 1 :change hour to 1

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Watched your video again (had watched it while back ago).

Thank you for the prompt guidance Keith! :+1:t2: @keith

Thanks @jared.gibb ! I can see why now :+1:t2: