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Rounding up Prices

How can I round my prices UP to, say, the nearest 10p? (They get arrived at based on commissions and various things that result in prices like £6.23 which, a test user has just told me, looks “untidy, unfriendly and weird” so I thought I’d help by rounding them to the nearest 10p to make them, presumably “tidy, friendly and normal” (and better for my bottom line!)

I’ve been playing with “:Rounded to” but this rounds down as well as up depending on the decimal. :Ceiling seems to work with integers so when it comes to prices then £6.03 becomes £7 which is a big old jump, :Floor does the same but downwards. Is there another way of doing this? My brain tells me that adding £0.05 to the total and then using “:Rounded to” might work but I’m not mathematically minded and I’m worried that this would go wrong in a costly way somehow.

Along with :floor and :ceiling and rounding, I suspect you’ll use the modulo function and an option set to define if you’re rounding to the nearest cent, dime, quarter, etc. or whatever equivalent your currency has to those. I’m on mobile right now but I’ll test out this idea the next time I’m on my computer.

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If you enable parenthesis in the app settings, you can do ((( £6.23 ) * 10 ) :ceiling) / 10 ) to get £6.30

edit: no parenthesis needed just do price * 10 :ceiling /10


Yep… what @tylerboodman said is the way to do it…

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THanks Brian. I’ve not heard of the modulo function but sounds like it could be an option.

That’s very cool. It would work wouldn’t it? I do have parentheses enabled and just tend to leave them to appear where needed. Thank you.

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Actually, you don’t even need parenthesis for this, as the expression is the same read from left to right…

price * 10 :ceiling /10