How can I make the value in a calculated field round to nearest even number

I have a field that contains an integer, but I need it to always be an even number, and rounded down if necessary.

So 19 would become 18 for example
37 would become 36, etc.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Just wondering why rounding down is necessary?

It is relating to investments, and so the resulting number (which is to do with shares) needs to be below, otherwise they’d max out on the amount of shares bought.

Hi there, @Siddhartha… I believe you could use the <-modulo-> function to accomplish this task. If you do integer<-modulo->2, you will get a result of 0 or 1, and then you can subtract that number from the initial integer.

Hope this helps.


number/2:floor *2

Thanks Mike. Much appreciated.

Thanks Adam. Much appreciated. I now have two solutions. You guys are the best.

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