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Row Layout inside Repeating Group

Hello I am trying to list users in a repeating group, with each cell of the repeating group containing a row and inside the row a user icon and a user name. I want the icon and username not to break line as in below screenshot.


I played around with this but without success. All I managed to do is increased min witdh of RG column to 200 and I get this:


And now the items are too far appart.

What I want is all users following each other like a little train, go to the next line ig the width of the page is too narrow but never break icon from name.

RG Layout:

RG Appearance:

User group layout:

Hi @umiumansa,

Change your Groop User - Min width to value bigger than sum of min width of icon and the text element inside. Including padding and margines inside group.
I think this should solve your problem.

I don’t love the controls of the RG. I normally put everything in a group and control it from there. Like this:


Thanks for this but I don’t understand how the RG min value you propose would work. It just squishes everything.

Just realized the RG needs to be set to wrapped horizontally.

Would this work for you?

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Nice work Rico!


Looks like it! I will try and get back.

I dont get this, when I set the group in the repeating group to a row, and have my text as 0 min width, the text basically minimizes to the point its invisible.