RPA and Chat GPT?

Hi all,

I want to use OpenAI’s web browsing plugin for a start-up idea, but it’s only available through ChatGPT’s customer-facing portal, not the API, right?

If I have to use actual Chat GPT, but want to make an automated service, what’s the best way of automating it through Bubble? Thinking:

  • User logs into my site, and enters some information
  • I create a prompt using a backend workflow on Bubble, and trigger an external API call to something like UI Path/some other RPA service?, sending the prompt
  • This service then navigates to https://chat.openai.com/ and pastes in the prompt.
  • ChatGPT outputs what it needs, and the RPA software copies the text (& images?) into another API call/webhook, which then finds its way back to Bubble.
  • I can then display this to my user

Any ideas of best services to use for this, ideally focusing on ease of implementation and reasonable costs?