RSS Help Website I'm Building


Basics of what I’m trying to do:

User submits an RSS feed to his/her Podcast. With that link, pull in all of their episodes into my database (mainly need to capture, title, release date, and some other various data related to each episode). Display the data in a repeating group.

Whenever a new Podcast episode from this Podcaster comes out my database gets updated with it.

Podcast page - shows data about the podcast along with a repeating group showing all of the episodes of that Podcast

Episode Page - View data about that episode. Link going back to the Podcast page on my website for that Podcast

Note - I could potentially have hundreds or thousands of people submitting RSS feed links to their Podcasts.

If anyone believe they could help me out with this please contact me.


I am an experienced developer and would be happy to help you out on this.
Feel free to PM me or reach out to me on

Best Wishes,

Would you believe that accessing RSS feeds with Bubble is LITERALLY, ACTUALLY the easiest thing in the world? It’s true. (Surprises me a bit, too, but it’s just super stupid-easy.)

RSS feeds are just XML data. You can just GET them with the API connector:


Editor (anyone can view):

Good luck with your app and happy Bubblin’!


Hello @cfisher440,

I am very glad to help you.
I have 7 + years of industrial experience. Since 1.6 years i am working on bubble. My hourly rate is very reasonable. Please check my
PM. Please add me on Skype that is


Hey @joomdev1309, this is answered. No biz dev available here.

Sent you PM.
Please check it.
Anna J

The answer given above is very helpful to me. But it doesn’t fully take care of everything I need to accomplish with this project. So still open.

@cfisher440 where you able save RSS items to your database?