Run api workflow on a list of groupings

It looks like this isn’t doable but just thought I’d ask anyway:

But there is no “grouping” to choose from in the list:

Seems like bubble doesn’t allow this? Or maybe I’m missing something?

Yes, an understanding of what the :group by operator does to your data. Basically, it transforms it from whatever it is (in your case a geographic address) and creates a new type of data called ‘grouping’.

You can not set a backend workflow to have a parameter of ‘grouping’ as it is not really a data type. So, you should not be using the group by operator to create your list of geographic addresses that you need to send to the backend workflow.

If you are unable to figure out a way to use constraints on your search of ProductAvailability to get the same results you do from group by, then you can figure a way to change your group by location information into a list of geographic addresses.