Schedule API workflow on a grouping

Hi bubble,

Would it be possible to allow scheduling API workflows on a list using a grouping? That would save tons of calcs and API workflows that significantly delay the workflow completion.

The list would be a grouping and the parameters to pass would be the fields or aggregation calcs of the grouping.

I guess this would be fairly easy to implement and would have a lot of value added at least in my apps.


I guess you can use type of text for the grouping and schedule it on this type?

Hi, thanks for the reply.

No, I cannot, because I would need access to the aggregation values and fields of the grouping, which I would not have access to through a text list.

As I said, I can work around this, but to do so I need to call around 4 or 5 API workflows for every list item instead of just 1 call, so the delay is very big when processing such a list.

I agree it would be very helpful in some cases !

Hi starnapp

Could you explain ina few words how did you implement dis work around?

I have the same issue and I agree with you. This solution you did suggest would be werry helpfull

Hi @eliasexner,

The way I could do it, although it is slow, is to schedule a list of API wordflows on one of the grouping attributes using the :unique elements action. Then, inside the API worflow, I can call again another API workflow on a list using a secondary grouping attribute, and so on, until you reach the last grouping and then I create a new thing with the required calculation.

I recently requested again this feature on the original bubble post and @eve was very kind to comment on my request. However, this does not seem to be something they are going to be implementing, although it would be super useful.