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Is anyone's "Run As" Not working?

I am experiencing an issue with the “Run as” functionality, I can’t log into the accounts on the developer mode. Is anyone experiencing this issue?


Yes, I get the following every time I click “Run as”…

I suggest submitting a bug report.

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Same here, none of my user profiles are launching from DB.

Can Log in from Index though

Also experiencing issues with this

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How do I report a Bug?

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Same here


Thanks for your post! Our team is currently investigating this, and we will update you all as soon as possible.


Yep, happening to us as well, we’ve already raised the issue as a bug report

same with us… reported the bug!

Thanks. This is happening to me right now as well

Here too

Yes, same here!

Still experiencing this issue in production. Need this to help debug customer’s issues.

Facing the same issue here. I hope it’s resolved asap

Same here. Was working yesterday for me and today it’s not working no matter what I try. @emmanuel any thoughts on this?


Hi Jess,

Do you have an update please?

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Hey Jess, any update on this? It’s quickly becoming a major problem as we can’t debug problems reported by customers…

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@arcbot – per the other open thread on this bug, the issue may be localized to chrome as ‘run as’ seems to be working in firefox and safari. (source: "Run As" User ins't working - #12 by carter)

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Hey @jess,

Any updates on a fix for this? Looks like there is a big number of users experiencing this issue.