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Run workflow based on field date

I’m trying to figure out how to run workflows based on a date in a field in the database. For example, if I have a date for memberships to expire I would like a workflow to run whenever a user’s membership end date comes up.

You can schedule API workflow to run at certain time.

Thank you, can you schedule multiple ones to trigger for each users end date?

For example I have multiple users each with their own end date which is in a field on the user for member expiration. It would need to trigger for each member at the date in the field.

Additionally can you have multiple criteria for a trigger? Like expiration date is past, and fields y and y are x?

In your case the workflow that creates the membership with the expiration date shall also schedule the API workflow at the expiration date. So for every user there will be a separate workflow scheduled and triggered at the expiration date.

And, yes, you can have a conditional on the API workflow. When it is triggered on the scheduled day it will run only if the conditional of this API workflow is true.

I’m confused are you saying I will need a separate workflow for all 2,000 members? There’s no smart way to do this? Am I not understanding?

Also, to follow up I’m looking to be able to have something fired without it being scheduled from a membership workflow. A big reason I’m looking for this is I’m transferring members from another system, so they all have previous set end dates. I want to know if there is something which can watch a field and anytime that date comes about it will trigger the workflow.

The workflow is single. The scheduled workflow instances will be 2000. They will be distributed in time so there should be no performance issues.

There is a feature that does exactly this - Trigger Event - Bubble Docs

Trigger event looks like it is triggered when data is changed. In my case the date would not change. For example if the member end date is 12/14/2021 that date won’t change, but on Dec 14th I would want to trigger a workflow.

Usually there are several way to build a feature in Bubble. In your case the most optimal way would be to schedule the API workflows that should be triggered on the end date of the membership.

If you have already imported them from elsewhere or you already have many records, you can run a one-time workflow (on a list or recursive) and schedule for user the “end membership date” API workflow.

Another (not optimal) way could be to run once per day a repeated API workflow that runs on the list of users who’s end membership date is today.

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