Date dependent workflow only triggers when user is on page

Goal: Make a workflow automatically run when the current date is the same date as a value stored somewhere else.


Currently: This workflow does what I want it to do ONLY when a user is on that page or visits that page. However, I need this workflow to trigger no matter what, once a certain date has been reached. Is there a way to do this??

Note: I blacked out two spots, to keep my app private. It doesn’t change anything in regards to my question.

Current date = Expiration —> trigger workflow

Hi, you should use an API workflow for this so that you schedule the workflow on the expiration date and it happens no matter what. By scheduling a workflow, you’re queuing it up to run on the server. No need for anyone to be present on a page, it’ll just happen. But it does need to be scheduled from a page.

So you need to create an API Endpoint in your API Workflows area and then schedule an API Workflow from a page, likely wherever the expiration date is being set. The scheduled date would be Thing’s expiration date and the workflow for the API Endpoint would be whatever you want to happen on that date.

Hope this helps!

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Two subtleties that might need to be aware of:

  1. Scheduled workflows are only available on paid plans (so if your app is still being developed in free mode you can’t do this). Reference for schedule a workflow here:

  2. A scheduled event DOES of course need to be scheduled at some point, but that doesn’t have to be from a page. If you needed to kick off some scheduled events en mass you could also do Data Tab > App Data > Bulk operation.

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True and True. And for #2, your bulk operations are pulling from API Workflows too, so, #1 applies to that too.

Awesome! Thanks you two. I’ll go ahead and build and test(hopefully sometime today). If I have any more questions, I’ll post them here…

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I’m assuming the “monthly” workflow limitation on a personal plan only applies to reoccurring workflows?

Example: Let’s say I set an API workflow to trigger a notification once the time is expired on something. That workflow would only need to fire once. So, I’m assuming that it would trigger when the expiration date is set and not after a 30 day period. I’m also assuming that this would be within the scope of what the personal plan offers?

I do think that the “scheduled workflows” in the table you reference are RECURRING workflows. (and the limitation here is one recurring workflow per “thing” [data type] if I’m not mistaken)

I don’t make any use of the recurring workflows on lists, but many things in my app do “schedule an API workflow” (usually not for some time far in the future but executed “now”) and that all works fine on Personal plan. FYI!

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Gotcha. That makes sense…

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I still can’t get this to work = /

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