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Running workflow from within html element

As the title says.
It would enable to create a lot of ‘plugin like’ code snippets which could interact in a safe way(update-proof) with current bubble elements.
For example it would be easy to create advanced menus from ready to use html templates.
It would be easy to create whole new level of widgets.

I believe hard part would be about to keep it smart and safe against running 3rd party js within browser so it could be limited to run ui limited workflows.



We’re working on element plugins that are exactly about this.


that’s great news @emmanuel - this would be game changing for me!
Ed :slight_smile:

We’ll open the beta very soon. It’s a matter of days.


Fantastic Emmanuel!

We’re pumped about that over in Korea!

Rock on bro!


Hi @emmanuel, was there ever any update on this feature?

I’m thinking this might be a way to write HTML snippets into an HTML element that would make clickable spaces in a text to set another element’s state (basically making a clickable fill the gap quiz question).

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was this achieved?

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any update on this?

I’m keeping an eye out for this one…


Any news about this functionnality ? :slight_smile:


Any news?

Hi @Emmanuel , may I know if this element plugin is ready to run/edit workflow from within HTML element? Thanks!

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