How to make a part of text clickable and can add workflow that part only

I am making a scenario where there is a text and i want to make a specific part of it clickable and can also add workflow on it. Please help me.

This is simple to do with a bit of custom HTML and CSS, along with a JavaScript to Bubble element from the Toolbox plugin.

Just add the JavaScript to Bubble element to your page, give the function a suitable name (e.g. bubble_fn_click), and check the ‘Trigger Event’ box.

Add an HTML element to contain your text, with an onclick attribute on only the word you want to make clickable. For example:

<p>Hello, please click <span id="actionWord" onclick="bubble_fn_click()">here</span> to open the popup.</p>

Add some CSS to style the action word so people know to click on it. For example:

      cursor: pointer;
      text-decoration: underline;
      font-weight: bold;

Then just create a workflow when the JavaScript to Bubble element is triggered.

Here’s a working example:

One Word Click (


the “javascript to bubble element is triggered” not visible in my workflow @adamhholmes .
Is there is something to do different with it.

Have you installed the ToolBox plugin?


Then you should have the workflow event…


look no option

Have you added the element to the page?

i have added the html

That’s not what I asked…

Have you added the JavaScript to Bubble element?

i used simple html element. i have to use jstobubble?

sorry, now i understand. Thank you @adamhholmes

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