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SalesGPT Agent: The Future of Sales Automation 🤖

Hi Bubble Fam !:blush:

Absolutely thrilled to introduce the new SalesGPT - the “context-aware” AI Sales Agent on and it’s bubble plugin! :rocket:

It can make personalized calls, handle objections, follow up persistently - leaving your sales team more time for strategic tasks. It leverages LangChain and was inspired by babyagi architecture.

What does “context-aware” mean? Well, SalesGPT understands the flow and stage of a sales conversation. Whether it’s prospecting, nurturing, presenting, or closing - it knows where it is in the conversation and adapts accordingly.

This means SalesGPT can carry out a natural sales conversation with a prospect, shifting its approach based on the conversation stage. It’s like having an expert sales rep who never sleeps or takes a lunch break!

Imagine using this AI agent to automate your outbound sales calls. It can make personalized calls, handle objections, and follow up persistently, leaving your human sales team more time for strategic tasks.


P.S. Tomorrow I’ll be hosting another free tutorial “Building Context-Aware AI Agents with No-Code” - this time showing you how to set up the SalesGPT Agent with No-Code. Everyone welcome to join :raised_hands:


Impressive stuff. Congrats!

I’ve been thinking for a while about creating a nice front end for AutoGPT fine-tuned for different tasks across different industries. This looks like it could accelerate that idea.

I’ve signed up to your free tier to check out AutoGPT but it’s been paywalled as a premium feature. I think any reasonable person would like to test the implementation on your platform before forking out for a monthly subscription. Especially since I’m based in Aus and your pricing is in Euros :sweat_smile:

Thoughts on allowing free users to use their credits to test your more advanced featureset?

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Hey thanks for feedback. Yes we’ll prob change that next week, I can also give you pro for testing for now.