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Santas and Gifts

This is a small project on the side I did for my own use.

It is for big families : when you are not living close to your family members anymore and it becomes a headache to find gifts that are actually useful or desired…

Share your link and tell everyone to give ideas of what is on their mind or if they have ideas for others (ideas can be ‘secret’ to keep the surprise). And then reserve the gift ideas you like.

Happy holiday season to everyone !


very epic app! thanks for making us :grinning:

Very nice idea. Like your design.

Thanks !

How fun!

Great Job on the app !

Thanks, it’s incredible how bubble makes it easy and fun to turn ideas into wep app…

Nice looking app! : )

Small bug, there’s no response on the “Yes” button for “Are you Uncle Fester?”

Well spotted, thanks ! This is fixed now…

Hope uncle Fester didn’t had to click on the wrong button :wink: